Personal Item:

Gather one thing about the client that you can use for an easy follow-up. This can be anywhere from talking about the weather to sports games. The more detailed the more likely they are going to want to respond!

Company Information:

Company name, what do they do, who do they work with, etc.

The more information you gather, the more they will feel heard and the less the other teams have to gather down the road.

Selling Point:

What is it about us that makes them want to do business with us? This should be taken advantage of and pushed all the way through the selling process. 

Small company = response time is the utmost important

We have done work in their industry = we need to show expertise in their industry

Project Details:

What services are they looking for? What are their goals for the project? What is their current issue?

This will help avoid miscommunication between you and the teams when producing initial content like mockups and logo variations.

Outline Next Steps

Clients want to see a clear road ahead if they say yes. Make sure to describe our process clearly and in detail so they know exactly what to expect.

General Notes:

Add anything else that comes up! It will help you later.