Reference on what this ticket will look like:

Note: There are different canned response emails for each team. Email #1 for data is different than Email #1 for CP.

Step 1. Studio is filled out and the Sales Rep marks updates the ticket's status to 'Active' in monday.

Step 2. Email was automatically sent out asking when the client is available to talk and explaining that a Sales Rep would be reaching out

Step 3. Sales Rep leaves a sales note of all extra information on client

Step 4. Sales Rep reaches out with canned response Email #1

Step 5. If it has been 2 days with no response since the form was submitted then Sales Rep calls the client

    a. If they answer, proceed

    b. If they don’t answer leave a voice mail and send Email #2 

Step 6. Sales Rep continues the cycle until you get in touch with them

Step 7. Sales Rep creates an estimate based on services from studio

Step 8.  Sales Rep has call with the Client. (Doesn’t repeat anything from previous notes)

    a. Sales Rep reviews estimate with the client, and reviews our process.

    b. Sales Rep closes the client on this call. Tells them he will send over contracts after the call.

Step 9. Sales Rep leaves an extensive note for the trainer, with estimate, in freshdesk. 

Step 10. Sales Rep sends contracts through sign request and sends setup / one-time invoices

Step 11. Sales Rep sends Email #3 to follow up after the contracts were signed. Leaves a note for the trainer telling them the contracts were signed and their Calendly link was sent.

Step 12: Sales Rep marks that the contracts that were signed in Monday under post studio leads.

Step 13. Sales Rep updates the ticket status in the ticket overview board and freshdesk to 'Waiting on Customer'

Step 14.  Sales Rep responds to any further client emails directed to the Sales Team.

Step 15. If the client does not view the contract or the first automated reminder from SendRequest. Sales Rep calls the client checking in to make sure they have received the contract and invoices. 

               If the client views the contract and does not sign for more than 4 days, Sales Rep calls the client checking in to make sure they have received the contract and invoices.

Step 16. The sales rep lets the marketing trainer know when the contracts and setup invoice is paid via Freshdesk and Monday.