Sales Rep: "Hi [Prospect Name], its [Sales Rep Name] from Carbon Web."

Prospect: ". . ."

Sales Rep: "Would you mind giving me an introduction to your company and what you are looking for in your new site?"

Prospect: ". . ."

Sales Rep: [Go over our web development services and pricing, and discuss free mockup]

Prospect: "That sounds great!"

Sales Rep: "Awesome, I will send over an email with our mock-up form, so that our developers can get some more information on what you are looking for. Also, I will create an estimate of what we discussed and add anything else you see on the form that you are interested in. Are you available in the next couple of days to go over it while your mockup is in development?"

Prospect: "Umm, how about the same time tomorrow"

Sales Rep: "Perfect, talk to you then"