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Step 1. Marketing Trainer notifies themselves with the Digital Marketing Setup canned form and opens it from their email

Step 2. Marketing Trainer runs through Digital Marketing Setup form with client and takes extensive notes.

Step 3. (Client is adding code snippet) Marketing Trainer sends out "Remarketing Code Snippet" canned response.

             (We are adding code snippet) Marketing Trainer assigns the website update to the development team.

Step 4. Marketing Associate tests the snippet for the Marketing Trainer.

Testing the Code Snippet:

Step 1. Visit client's site in Google Chrome.

Step 2. Left-click the page and click Inspect

Step 3. Select the network tab.

Step 4. Search for "textshark" in the search bar.

Step 5. Code is implemented if you see this:

Creating the Banner Ads:

Step 1. Marketing Associate creates a section in the banner ad database for the client and assigns the Concept production team with the creation of the banner ads in Monday due in 2 days. Leaves trainer notes for CPT.

Step 2. Day 1. Concept Production Writer writes the text for the banner ads.

Step 3. Day 2. Concept Production Designer creates all variations of banners and enters them into the database.

Step 4. Marketing Associate notifies the trainer and attaches the banner ad variations.

Step 5. Marketing Associate compiles all banners to the campaign.

Step 6. Marketing Trainer runs through Marketing Campaign Review Process.

Running the Banner Ads and Setting up Databox:

Step 1. Marketing Associate follows and gets everything running.

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