Step 1: Locate the full company name and the ticket number

Step 2: Download the latest version of Wordpress ( )

Step 3: login to dreamhost (

Step 4: On the left hand side locate advanced > MySQL Databases

Step 5: Fill out the following to create a new MySQL Database

            Database name: CTicketNumber ( Ex: C1042 )

            Use Hostname :

            First user: carbonadmins

The rest of the fields should remain blank / greyed out

Step 6: Add the database

Step 7: Login to FTP

Step 8: create a new directory under for the site

            Use the naming guide ( name it the full company name )


Step 9: Unzip and upload all documents into the new directory except wp-config-sample.php

Step 10: rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

Step 11: edit that file to change these 4 lines (26, 29, 32, 38)


            define('DB_NAME', 'creports');

            define('DB_USER', 'carbonadmins');

            define('DB_PASSWORD', '4264Admin5360');

            define('DB_HOST', '');

            In most cases you only have to change the DB_Name to the new name created in step 5

Step 12: Upload the wp-config.php file into the directory

Step 13: Visit the new domain to see if you see a Wordpress installation screen

Step 14: Continued on [WP + Jupiter setup Process]