Below is how to price a site according to other sites that we have made before. 

Tier 1 Website $750- $2000

    $750 site - Basic re-design includes pages like: Home, About, History, Contact, most of the data can be found on the old site. JTS is a good example of this site, however their store was a complete different database project.


    $1250 site - Includes a few more pages specific to the clients company along with any addition such as a store or Job Board. And any site that starts from scratch starts at this price as it is more work to collect the information. This is where a site like Jeremy should be.


    $1750 site - More information on the site, may not be more pages but has a lot of data to the site. This is like BirdDog.

Tier 2 Website $2000 - $3000 

    $2000 site - Again this is based off of having a lot of information and data such as video backgrounds, extensive home pages, complex design but is still relatively easy to flow through. This is like AP Hawaii.


     $2500 site - Most likely will have to be designed from scratch. MHYC is a good example of this. It just has a lot of information on it and possibly features such as the member login page.

Tier 3 Website $3000+

    $3000+ Site - Anything in this range will have to be justified for after. Basically it is a site like grosel where it can not fit into a template and needs to be designed and organized in a completely new way. These sites typically have a ton of pages and information to them.