Step 1. The client has approved that the site Is ready (we have received liability contract)

Step 2.  Determine whether the client is hosting with us or without us 

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Hosting with Carbonweb

Step 1. Confirm that we have received Hosting Contract

Step 2. Add the site in my websites part of dreamhost

Step 3. Make sure the site register DNS is pointed to the DreamHost servers (login to clients current domain registrar) 

Step 3b: Confirm that they dont have emails running through the domain, and if they do make sure to move the MX records over to dreamhost. 

Step 4. Move the carbonsamples file to the sites new destination

Step 5. Login to the PHPmyAdmin database and change the links of the homepage of the site

Step 6. Go to the site and login to the backend, you will now have to go through and change all the links that need to be changed to their new links so the site is 100% independent of carbon samples

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Hosting without Carbonweb but with a third party represenative

Step 1. Contact the new host and inform them of what you will be providing

Step 2. Download the entire folder from carbon samples and zip it

Step 3. Login to the PHPmyAdmin for that site (look in config.php if not known) and download the entire php database

Step 4. Send over the zipped file and the PHP database download file to the new host. 

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Hosting without Carbonweb Manually

Step 1. Gather the FTP and domain registrar information from client

Step 2. Download the entire carbonsamples/(domain) file off the server

Step 3. Login to third parties server and upload the entire file

Step 4. Login to PHPmyAdmin and download the appropriate SQL database

Step 5. Login to third parties PHPmyAdmin and upload the appropriate SQL database

Step 6. Go into the WP contents database and change the URLs

Step 7. Go into the third parties server and edit the "wp-config" file to the appropriate new data base

Step 8. Check to see if site is live

Step 9. go through and re-link all images so the site is completely independent of carbonsamples. 

Step 10. add a note into the ticket that all of this as been complete and the amount of time it took as we are billing them $125 / hr

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