Custom Email Creation Process 

Step 1. Marketing Trainer will organize the form in freshdesk and add additional notes

Step 2. Marketing Trainer will reach out about the text outline time frame (via canned response) or call the lead if necessary

    What needs to be accomplished in this step:

  1. Form must be fully filled out.

  2. Templates must be presented for the clients given tier. Client should choose which template they want to go with for their email.

  3. Lead must understand next steps

Step 3. Marketing Trainer will record ALL of the information from the call into freshdesk

Step 4. Marketing Trainer will send out the marketing service contract to the client

[Custom Email Creation Board]

Step 5. After the client signs, the Marketing Trainer creates a pulse for the email and assigns the pulse to the Marketing Writer.

[To-Do Graphics Board]

Step 6. Marketing Trainer assigns necessary graphics to Concept Production Graphic Designer

[Custom Email Creation Board]

Step 7. Once, the graphics and text are completed, Marketing Trainer adds the text and graphics to the pulse and assigns it to Developer for content fill.

Step 8. Marketing Trainer has second call to review completed email

Step 9. (If the client wants any revisions) Marketing Trainer will assign them accordingly and then reach back out to client. Repeat until the email is completed.