Step 1. Account Rep works to establish a connection with the client.

    1. This should be done via the phone. Other lead sources can do begin some fo this, but should never go directly into the next steps until the call has happened. 
    2. This initial phone call is about fact-finding. 
    3. If you know all the facts you need to start ... introduce the idea of studio and explain our mockup process

Step 2. Account Rep gets the client to fill out studio and schedules a call with the trainer to review the mockup (If applicable).

*All communication from here is done through their FreshDesk ticket*

Step 3. Account Rep marks the ticket status as 'open' in the FreshDesk Overview and links the new pulse in Sales Process via to the Ticket Overview Board.

Step 4. Account Rep assigns the ticket to the appropriate team and assigns the trainer to the ticket

Step 5. Account Rep leaves a sales note about the client describing any and all information missed in Studio that is important to their company. This information is important as it feeds into the mockup.

Step 6. Account Rep marks the ticket status as 'active' in Monday.

Step 7. Account Rep and Trainer have a call with the client to review the mockup.

  1. Account Rep introduces the Trainer
  2. Trainer reviews the mockup 
  3. Trainer hops off of the call
  4. Account Rep closes off the meeting elaborating that we will send over a finalized proposal for the project

Step 8. Account Rep creates and sends proposal.

Step 9. Account Rep marks the status in the sales process board as 'Proposal and Closing' and links the one-time pulses for each team.

Step 10.  Account Rep leaves a note in the ticket explaining that the call happened and what our next steps are.

Step 11. Account Rep repeatedly talks and checks in with the client until they get the proposal signed.

Step 12. Account Rep sends over the initial setup invoice to the client via FreshDesk.

Step 13. Account Rep marks the status in the sales process board as 'Active Client Check Ins' leaves a note for the active trainer know when they have signed and paid the initial invoice and that we are ready to begin.