Sales Assisting allows Lars, Jack, or Mitch to have all of the calls with a client while a sales associate takes care of everything else regarding the sale. A Sales Associate receives 50% of their normal commission for a sale that they assist on.

Sales Assisting roles

  • Lars, Jack, or Mitch essentially becomes the client, and the sales reps check-in them to get information about the client and the call that they had. It is the sales rep's responsibility to follow up on a call and gather the information that they need.
  • Sales Associate is responsible for carrying out every step in each sales process while always appearing as the Lars, Jack, or Mitch to the client. This includes:
    • Writing Sales Notes from their meetings with the Lars, Jack, or Mitch
    • Writing and sending emails to the client via FreshDesk
    • Scheduling calls with Lars, Jack, or Mitch and the client
    • Keeping the client updated in Monday
    • Building and sending estimates, invoices, and contracts