Please use the guide below to price hosting.

- All of our hosting is backed up in two locations (one being local and another being Dreamhost) 

- All wordpress sites are checked on routinely to update plugins and verify that everything is working properly. 

- All of the sites are in dedicated accounts separate from every other site for security reasons. 

Pricing GuideTier 1Tier 2
Tier 3
Storage Space3gb5gb10gb
10gb Bandwidth / month50gb Bandwidth / monthUn-metered Bandwidth
Routine Backups  

Routine Wordpress Maintenance

Dedicated Account (Separate from other domains)

Advanced Malware Scans (Basic provided) 

Support for Large photo Library's 

Support for Video Header

Support for Store - basic

Support for PCR JB

Support for store - Custom

Support for large amount of blog posts