Know PCR forwards and back!

PCR is our partner and making sure you know how we work with them is VERY important in making sales to their clients or future clients.

PCR is an online recruiting company that helps recruiters post jobs and manage the applicant pool that applies to the jobs on their site. We work with them to offer our Job Board add-on to websites that we create for recruiters. When selling a PCR job board add-on all fo the billing for the setup of the job board is done through PCR. If the client is not already in contact with PCR then it is your job to ensure that a PCR Sales Rep (Contact info below) reaches out to them. When you reach out to the PCR Sales Rep it is important to give them a detailed explanation of their company and what we are doing for them.

PCR Sales Rep Contact Info:

    Chris Cyrus

    Extension: 5487

If you do get asked about pricing of their Job Boards, check out the Monday board "PCR Pricing Database"

Show Expertise!

When selling to recruiters it is important that you use vocab that they use in their day to day in their business, so that they feel like you understand how their business works and are an expert in what recruiters need. Here is a list of recruiter vocab that you should use when talking about their company or how our services will help them.

Recruiter Vocab:

  • Recruiters - The companies and individuals doing the job placing

  • Contingency Recruiter - Gets paid when a hire occurs

  • Retained Recruiter - Paid a salary regardless of results

  • Employees - Candidates, talent, job-seekers, applicants

  • Employers - Firms, enterprises, businesses, companies

  • Consultant-  Recruiter, one who makes job seeker - firm match

  • Social Recruiting - Use of social media or internet to attract applicants

  • Requisition -   Formal written demand or request

  • Sourcing Tools - Databases recruiters use to collect candidates or requisitions (job boards)

  • Shortlist-  List showing most experienced candidates only

  • Timeframe - Deadline by which a hire needs to be complete

  • Targeting - Looking for, searching for

  • Sector - Industry, area of expertise, discipline, field

  • Retained Services - Paid on a salary regardless of results

  • Contingency Services - Paid based on units of work complete

  • Temporary Services - Paid on a contract with a scheduled end

  • Head Hunter - Recruiter who focuses on top-level, senior positions, executive search

  • Placements - considered a conversion/sale for a recruiter. This is when they place a candidate in a position at a company. When a Head Hunter makes a placement it means their firm gets a lot of money!

  • Niche Recruiter - Recruiter who operates in a specific field

  • Generalist Recruiter - Recruiter that offers services in many fields

  • Independent Recruiter - Individual recruiter not associated with a company

  • Purple Squirrel - Candidate who is perfectly qualified and experienced (as rare in recruiting as a purple squirrel in nature)

  • Active Candidate - One who is actively looking for a job, potentially unemployed

  • Passive Candidate - One who is currently happy, but maybe willing to jump ship if a better opportunity is presented

  • Internship - Position for employees trying to gain relevant work experience, unpaid or paid at a low rate

  • C-level jobs, C-suite role - Jobs up the “management ladder” such as CEO, CFO, etc.

  • Entry-Level Job - Position aimed at candidates right out of college

  • Returnship - Internship aimed at professionals coming back to the industry after some time away

  • Lateral Job Transfer - Same Position with similar pay, but in a different department or company

  • Maternity Cover - Employee hired only to fill another employee on maternity leave, temporary position

  • Applicant Pool - Group of candidates already applied to a position

  • Job Hopper - One who does not stay at one job for a long time

  • Transferrable Skills - Skills that are useful in many industries and job types

What specific services do Recruiters benefit from?

Recruiters benefit from any services that will bring more people to their job board and attract employers to their website. This being said, many of our development and marketing services can do the trick. There are some that sell better than others and those are listed below.

Many recruiters and head hunters find their candidates via LinkedIn. Use our LinkedIn Services! 

  • LinkedIn Lead Generator
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Retargeting

Recruiters also benefit from our more general services just as much!

  • Web Design
    • Job Board Add-on
  • Yoast SEO
  • Hosting
  • Remarketing
  • Google Adwords