Add-ons = Add Money.

Add-ons such as an online store, PCR Job Board, and update plans are ADDITIONAL to the cost of development for a website. The pricing tables on the site and in product index show how many add-ons are allowed in that site's tier.

Pricing a Custom Project? Ask!

Custom projects happen when a client requests something that does not fit into our listed services. Any time you are creating an estimate for a custom project you MUST have a senior member of that team look into the project and help you draft an estimate. (There is no problem with telling a potential client that you have to check with your team!)

Pass Along ALL Information!

Anything a client tells you over the phone is expected to be portrayed in their project. Make sure you don't forget to forward any documents, images, or small pieces of information that clients share with you through your sales notes!

Update sales boards the second you finish a call!

Even if you just leave a message, make sure that you change your last contacted and next contacted dates and write a quick note explaining your last point of contact. This will keep the whole team on the same page and is VERY important.

Don't fill out Studio for a client alone.

If you are helping a client fill out Studio and you are filling out the form on your computer, it is VERY important that you ask them each question and don't assume that you know what they will answer. For instance, if you think you have their company name down, make sure to ask them for their FULL company name so that there can be no mixups.